Blended Learning, Virtual Reality

Online video trends for learning and training

The accessibility of online video has increased significantly over the last few years. More people than ever use video clips or screencasts to share specific knowledge. In addition, it is a well-known fact that 65% of humanity learns better visually than textually. The use of video will therefore become more and more important. What trends and what concrete applications do we see when using video for online learning and training for employees and organizations?
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Back at work after an interesting course


“How are you going to apply the stuff you’ve learned in your work now?” That was the first thing my manager asked me when I returned to work after a training. Well … good question. I learned a lot, had some great new insights and conducted interesting assignments. And much of the material seemed very useful for my daily work. But what was I going to do differently? Hmm …first let’s start with the big pile of work that had accumulated in my absence. Later I would think about it and identify specific points of improvement.
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