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Learning & Development Conference

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On November 17 and 18, the Learning and Development Conference (Corporate L & D Summit) took place in Amsterdam. The conference was intended for education- and HR-managers who were getting trained on new developments in e-learning and m-learning (mobile learning), generating about engagement and retaining staff, curricula and corporate education. Also, Future Learning BV was present, not only as a visitor but also presented a presentation on the use of e-learning from VR and AR technologies, interactive video, simulations and courses focused on learning objects. Read the blog about the insights of this conference. Continue reading


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xAPI – The future after SCORM

Many organizations have chosen ILIAS for the very good and certified SCORM support and the flexible integration of SCORM within ILIAS. While SCORM (especially version 1.2) is a very well-established e-learning standard which today is used worldwide and across industries, SCORM seems to be overtaken by a new learning standard: Tin Can Experience API, abbreviated XAPI. It will come as no surprise that this is currently a hot topic within the ILIAS community. It is an emerging new learning standard next to IMS LTI which also provides an alternative to SCORM with simple grading functionality in ILIAS via the established LTI plugin.

With the first release of the Tin Can Experience API in 2012, followed by the 1.01 release in October 2013, the discussion on the new version of SCORM, or rather the replacement of SCORM, is raised to a higher level. XAPI is strategically important for ILIAS product development because XAPI supports many more blended learning opportunities than SCORM can support. So, XAPI will enable rich learning experience within ILIAS by implementing a Learning Record Store.

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