Learning & Development Conference

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On November 17 and 18, the Learning and Development Conference (Corporate L & D Summit) took place in Amsterdam. The conference was intended for education- and HR-managers who were getting trained on new developments in e-learning and m-learning (mobile learning), generating about engagement and retaining staff, curricula and corporate education. Also, Future Learning BV was present, not only as a visitor but also presented a presentation on the use of e-learning from VR and AR technologies, interactive video, simulations and courses focused on learning objects. Read the blog about the insights of this conference. Continue reading

Learning on the GO

Augmented Reality, Blended Learning, ILIAS, LCMS, Virtual Reality

Learning on the GO: learning with reality-technologies

Innovative technologies that have been around for some time, can often only today be used effectively. Think of technologies which are used in airplane simulators and games. On the one hand, this is because of the increased computation power of hardware and on the other hand, because of the miniaturization of hardware: more and more can be done through mobile devices. For example, the successful game ‘Pokémon GO’, in which such a new technology is applied. Continue reading